Medium and high efficiency filters

They are filters belonging to the M5, M6, F7, F8 and F9 classes that have the ability to restrain particles of medium and high granulometry. Our products at these classes include roll filters, filtercells and bag filters.

The rotary filters are fabricated by polyester or glass fibers, depending on the need, and they are filters of G3 class with its efficiency to reach to 90%. A machinery rotates automatically the filter roll, substituting the used part with a new one.

The bag filters compose a wide category of filters which includes the classes of M5 to F9. A bag filter consists of a number of bag fabricated by densely weaved polyester fibers. The bags are joined within a frame of galvanized metal sheet.

The HT (high temperature ) type filter is manufactured by using thing glass fibers enclosed in a galvanized metal frame. It can withstand temperatures up to 300?C and its efficiency, depending to the type, can be between 55% to 95%.

It is a polyester filter and it can include polyamide net at the exit side of the air. It is 20mm thick and it belongs to the M5 class. The particular filter can be used in the ceiling/sky of the painting booths because it can withstand high temperatures.